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In an increasingly specialized world, we want to empower everyone to be generalists

He who forgets history is doomed to repeat the past. While it must be a noble-feeling to enable all humans to become designers, the “everyone enabled” thinkers forget to think deeply beyond code. Everytime in our past that we have put tools into everyone’s hands, the results have been the same: a surge in mediocrity, a loss of the excellence brought by professionals, a proliferation of poorly done work, a decrease in the value.[…]

Long live the good feeling from enabling all. Long live the growth of mediocrity — of a web where already 95 percent of websites are rarely visited.

One might argue that writing is easy. All you must do is cross out the wrong words. The trouble starts when humans cannot figure out what to cross out.

Now let the posting of words that praise begin, let them swell into 100 feet waves, let them fill a screen with what we now interpret as loud clapping noise. But noise proves naught. A chicken cackles so loudly you would think she had laid a unique and exciting boulder, when upon looking more closely, it is nothing but another common egg.