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In memoriam, Zsolt Torok – World Renowned Romanian Climber

Zsolt was one of the most famous Romanian climbers. He climbed five peaks in Himalaya in 2016, being accompanied by Vlad Capusan on three of the ascents.

Zsolt Torok on Pumori, South Face

The two alpinists scored two national premieres and a world first three years ago, as they were the first human beings who reached Peak 5 in Makalu region, also known as Saldim Peak (6,374m), which has had never been climbed before until then.

In 2013, Torok Zsolt led the Romanian expedition that reached the 8,126-m high Nanga Parbat, considered the biggest performance in the Romanian climbing. Among Torok Zsolt’s other premieres there were also the Great Wall Marathon, the Alps Trilogy and K2.

At the beginning of 2019, the climber from Arad had successfully completed an ascent in the Himalayas, considered a unique performance in the world of climbing. Together with two other Romanians, Teofil Vlad and Romeo Popa, Zsolt managed to approach a route in the Himalayas that no one has successfully completed before. This was an ascent in the South Wall (South Face) of Pumori Mountain, which has a maximum altitude of 7,165 meters.

Pumori, South Face, Attempted New Route

Torok Zsolt had climb alone on the mountain several days ago and reached an area with no cell phone reception.

The climber had just got married a month ago, and his wife said he had left alone to climb the mountain on Tuesday night.

His wife could not contact him since Wednesday, August 14th. The Sibiu mountain rescuers could not reach the area where the climber was found dead by helicopter due to the bad weather, so they embarked on the rescue mission afoot.