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Incredible Reinterpretations of Picasso in 3D using Cinema 4D and Octane

Construed MIMIC III is the 3rd installment of the series of studies of Picasso’s artwork and translation to 3D form using Maxon Cinema 4D and Otoy Octane.

The project was created by Omar. Aqil and it’s been a great experience for him as he mentioned on his Behance post. “I have learned a lot from his work” – he adds.

Omar this time picked six art pieces from Picasso’s work and try to recreate them in a different way.

“I am trying to explore more complexity and abstraction of the shapes he used” – adds Omar.

The result is a set of beautiful 3D artwork that brings a new dimension to the amazing work of Pablo Picasso.

Omar is an art director, CGI, and illustrator currently working at CR Studio.

He is based in Lahore, Pakistan and his portfolio includes much more amazing 3D work including the previous two series of artworks for the MIMIC series, the Atypical Portraits. MIMIC II and the original MIMIC.

There are other incredible 3D projects in character design and typography, but the highlight for me is the abstract pieces.

There are the Cubist Compositions that is also awesome to check out. As you can see, we highly recommend visiting Omar’s portfolio. It’s truly inspiring.