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Information about Israeli biometric documentation

  • A person wishing to obtain a smart biometric document must arrive at the Population and Immigration Authority bureau and identify himself using an existing ID card. In its absence, the applicant will present a passport or Laissez-passer. The applicant will sign a request form to receive smart biometric documentation and a letter of approval and consent, according to which he approves the taking of his biometric identification: an image of facial features, digital fingerprints of both forefingers, and their inclusion in the biometric database.
  • In addition, a process of authentication of the applicant’s identity will be carried out by means of several computer generated questions that will be asked by the service provider.
  • The service provider will then perform the procedure for photography facial feature photograph and electronic scanning of both forefingers of the applicant. The process of fingerprint scanning is quick and simple. The procedure is performed using an electronic scanner, on which the two forefingers are pressed for a few seconds. The scanning process of the fingerprints does not use ink, and the use of the instrument is not messy. In exceptional cases where scanning the fingerprints of the forefingers is not possible, for health reasons of the resident or for technical reasons, the applicant will be guided by the service provider how to carry out the scanning of the fingerprints.
  • Finally, the applicant shall sign a form detailing the manner in which the document may be used and the obligations imposed upon the holder as a smart documentation holder, such as preventing misuse of the document.
  • The biometric data will be encrypted and transferred to the biometric database to verify the identity of the applicant. The information will be stored at the biometric database in a secure and encrypted manner and will be deleted from the computers of the Population and Immigration Authority.
  • A smart ID card is produced at a central production site, and will be delivered to the applicant within ten business days of submitting the application, at a bureau of the Population and Immigration Authority of the applicant’s choosing. Upon the receipt of the card, the applicant will receive a personal password to operate it and an appendix containing their personal details. Notice of the arrival of the new card to the bureau will be sent to the applicant via text message (SMS).
  • Smart passports and any other travel documents will be sent to the applicant by registered mail within ten business days, and there will be no need to arrive at a Population and Immigration Authority bureau to receive it (as required in the delivery of smart ID card).

Given the significance of the smart ID card and according to the Population Registration Law, residents must ensure the retention of their ID in their possession and under their control at all times, carrying it with them at all times and must not allow anyone else to use it for identity authentication or signature unless by written consent.

The smart ID card will allow its holders, should they wish to do so, to safely identify themselves online from home and save significant time and hassle when obtaining government services from government websites using a personal password (for electronic identity authentication).

The smart ID card will allow the use of certified electronic signature for those who choose it.