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Innovative face-mask design from Russia promises to make breathing EASY at work or gym

“It’s very easy to breathe in this mask: you can do sports in it, including jogging,” or work in the office for the entire day, the press service of the National Technological Initiative (NTI), a state program uniting entrepreneurs and experts working in the high-tech sphere, told RT.

The NTI says the design looks much like an ordinary mask – a washable neoprene mask, to be precise. But it’s said to have a major advantage – a professional filter similar to those used in lung ventilators, which save the lives of patients with severe complications from COVID-19.

This filter provides a significant level of protection against viral, bacterial and fungal agents, pollen, aerosols and dust, while practically not hampering airflow at all, the NTI said.

The mask has apparently been designed with athletes in mind, as it has also been equipped with six sensors, tracking physical load, body temperature and air quality, among other things. They’re all placed in a cartridge that can be taken out and disinfected. The filters need to be replaced after 48 hours of use.

The mask has already undergone selective testing among professional athletes, the NTI said. The expected retail price of such a “smart mask” has not been revealed.

The innovative gear is just the latest COVID design emerging amid indefinite mask regimes being introduced worldwide. However, it seems to be somewhat more promising that the nose mask which supposedly assures protection from infection during meals, recently proposed by Mexican researchers, or a space-like COVID-19 helmet, designed in Colombia.

Source: RT