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Inspiration: Experience The Night Watch – Rembrandt van Rijn

In the year 1642, Rembrandt van Rijn created an absolute masterpiece: the Nightwatch – an amazing painting chock-a-block with secrets and stories. On the occasion of the Rembrandt Year 2019, celebrating the 350th anniversary of his death, NTR TV channel and the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum jointly developed this interactive Nightwatch tour. Never before have visitors been able to explore this world-famous scene at such close quarters.

Step across the red cord, take captain Frans Banninck Cocq’s hand, zoom in and let yourself be carried away into the world of the Nightwatch. Dozens of stories will shed light on what makes the Nightwatch such a unique painting. Who exactly are those militia men? Where is Rembrandt hiding? Who is the girl? Unravel its secrets, find the hidden symbols, work out who carries the flag and learn how Rembrandt, after all those centuries, still manages to manipulate our gaze.

In the Dutch version of the audio tour, actor Nasrdin Dchar will guide you through the painting. TV host Ikenna Azuike is the narrator for the English version. And specially for the children we offer a Klokhuis Tour in Dutch, told by Klokhuis TV host Sosha Duysker.

Activities in the Rembrandt Year In 2019, the Rijksmuseum will host a series of major Rembrandt exhibitions. It will be a year packed with events highlighting the master painter. For a complete overview of exhibitions and activities at Rijksmuseum go to

NTR TV channel will also devote a lot of attention to Rembrandt in the year 2019, featuring a wide range of TV programmes broadcast on NPO 1, 2 en 3, as well as content online. It all starts on NPO1, with a quest for the Netherlands’ biggest painting talent in Project Rembrandt, presented by Annechien Steenhuizen.

Experience The Night Watch

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