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Iran foreign minister cheers Netanyahu being sent ‘to the dustbin of history’

While most world leaders have remained quiet on the formation of Israel’s prospective new government, waiting until it is sworn in, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif publicly celebrated Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s potential ouster Thursday.

Writing on Twitter, Zarif said Netanyahu had joined former US president Donald Trump and several of his administration’s hardline officials who were sent “to the dustbin of history.”

“Netanyahu has joined the disgraceful journey of his anti-Iran co-conspirators,” Zarif wrote.

“Iran continues to stand tall. This destiny has been repeated over several millennia for all those wishing Iranians harm,” he added. “Time to change course.”

Yeah Atid party leader Yair Lapid on Wednesday informed President Reuven Rivlin he was able to form a government in which he and Yamina chief Naftali Bennett will switch off as prime minister, positioning themselves to replace Israel’s longest-serving leader.

If the emerging government is sworn in, Israel will have a new prime minister for the first time since 2009. Along with the over 12 consecutive years he has served as premier since then, Netanyahu was also prime minister for three years in the late 1990s.

Throughout his time in office, Netanyahu has made tackling Iran a key foreign policy priority, accusing the Islamic Republic of pursuing nuclear weapons and pushing for punishing global sanctions against it.

Speaking at a Tuesday ceremony at which control of the Mossad intelligence agency was handed over from outgoing director Yossi Cohen to his replacement David Barnea, Netanyahu said Israel must “do everything, but everything, in order to ensure that under no circumstances can Iran arms itself with nuclear weapons.

“The greatest threat against us is the existential threat which is presented by Iran’s attempt to arm itself with nuclear weapons,” he said.

Faced with a choice between relations with the US or neutralizing Iran, “the elimination of the existential threat prevails,” he said.

Netanyahu said that whether Iran menaces Israel directly with the threat of destruction in a nuclear strike, or with tens of thousands of conventional rockets that are backed up by a nuclear threat, “it is a threat that threatens the continuation of the Zionist enterprise, and we must fight this threat endlessly.”

Source: TOI