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Iran threatens US: ‘Days US could do as it pleased are over’

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force Commander has directly threatened the US, Kan News reported.

According to the report, the Iranian warned the US that, “Iran has developed power and capability. The days when the US could do as it wished ended a long time ago.”

Iran International quoted Commander Esmail Ghaani as warning the US not to move even slightly, or “your teeth will be crushed in your mouth.”

“We are telling the Americans you have still time to leave the region in humiliation, or you will be expelled in a manner worse than Afghanistan,” he added.

“The time when you did whatever you wished, and no one could say anything is over. The time of hit and run is over. Now if you hit you will be hit back all the way to the end.”

The statements were made at a gathering honoring those killed in Iranian operations in the region, Iran International added.

Source: Arutz Sheva