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Iran’s launch of military satellite DOES NOT violate UNSC resolution – Moscow

The UN Security Council’s resolution on Iran’s nuclear program does not ban it from the peaceful exploration of space, a Russian foreign ministry spokesperson has said.

The US is “trying to deflect international condemnation” from its own breaches of international law, Maria Zakharova told reporters on Thursday, as she called the accusations aimed at Iran “baseless.”

UNSC resolution 2231, which regulates the Iranian nuclear program, in no way restricts Tehran’s rights and abilities to explore space for peaceful purposes, Zakharova stressed. In any case, Iran does not make missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons, she added.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps launched into orbit Iran’s first military satellite, Noor, on April 22. using a multiple-stage Qassed rocket.

The US said it was keeping track of the satellite, while describing the launch as a “hostile” act by Tehran.