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Iraq is recalling asylum ‘tourists’

According to the information, Iraqis willing to return are currently being registered.

If other governments in the countries of origin of a total of around 2000 Arabs who try to defy entry to Poland follow the Baghdad example, the mob massing in the Grodno region could soon disappear.

The temperatures there have now fallen below zero at night. For the coming days, six to eight degrees are forecast during the day and around zero degrees at night.

Many of the Arabs seeking asylum are poorly equipped to spend the night in the open air and the Belarusian authorities have not yet helped with tents because they want to keep the pressure of migration high.

The Belarusians apparently calculated that if the illegals freeze, they might be more willing to attempt to scale the border fence.

Polish sources maintain that the relocation of migrants from the makeshift camp to the border crossing in Kuźnica is a planned operation by the Belarusian services.

The action is most likely directed from a command vehicle spotted by Polish security services located at the back of the former migrant camp.

Successive groups of migrants are being directed by the Belarusian services to the border crossing in Kuźnica. Pro-migration journalists have been waiting at the crossing for the groups to arrive.

Their strategy that may not work, especially since human supplies are ebbing:

More and more airlines are refusing to fly Arabs from Turkey to Minsk. If they fail to comply, the airlines are threatened with a ban on approaching Central and Western European airports.