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Iraq says French troops have left the country

Maj. Gen. Abdul Karim Khalaf, a spokesman for the Commander in Chief of the Iraqi Armed Forces, said French troops withdrew as a result of agreements with the Iraqi government. The spokesman didn’t provide any additional information on the matter.

“French troops have left Iraqi territory, the coalition also evacuated an air base,” the Iraqi News Agency (INA) quoted Maj. Gen. Khalaf as saying.

Last week, the U.S.-led coalition announced the suspension of all training activates with Iraqi security forces to prevent coronavirus widespread. The coalition said that all of “training-focused forces” will be returning to their countries within a few weeks.

The coalition also announced that it will be “repositioning” some of its units within the country, in bases controlled by the Iraqi military. This decision could be related to the recent rocket attacks on coalition bases in Iraq.
French troops in Iraq were involved in the fight against ISIS and in the training of local forces. Their withdrawal will not likely have a significant impact on the coalition’s presence in the country.