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Iraqi sources reveal new details about alleged attack on ‘Mossad Center’ (…airport ?) in Erbil

A special force of the “resistance” in Iraq raided the alleged center late on April 13. The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) denied these claims, which remains without a proof.

The Sabereen News, a Telegram channel close to pro-Iranian Iraqi groups, was the first to report the alleged raid. The claims made by Sabereen were quickly picked up by news outlets in Iran and other Middle Eastern states.

Citing sources familiar with the alleged operation, the telegram channel identified three of the slain Israeli officers as Manhanen Naom, Ekifa Ame and Beriz Jacob.

“These Zionist officers have intelligence activities at Mossad center in Erbil for several months, and there is accurate information about the location and the type of intelligence activities of the Mossad there, which will be published when necessary,” a report by the channel reads.

A day earlier, Sabereen promised to share photos and a video from the alleged raid in Erbil. However, nothing has been released so far.

The supposed special operation was promoted by some pro-Iranian sources as a response to the recent Israeli attack on Natanz nuclear facility. However, Tehran already responded to the attack by announcing that it will enrich uranium up to 60%. An Israeli vessel was also targeted off UAE coast.

The reports of Erbil raid may be nothing more than a propaganda stunt. Such media tactics were used before by Iran’s supporters on social media.



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