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ISA launches investigation into Oct. 7 massacre

For the first time since the beginning of the war, ISA director Ronen Bar has ordered in-depth operational investigations in the departments and units connected to the October 7th massacre and the events proceeding it. This joins a similar investigation already launched by the IDF.

  • Yediot Ahronot reports that ISA officials stated that since the investigation is taking place while the war is still ongoing, it is estimated that it will last several weeks or even months.

The IDF announced that it had begun internal investigations approximately three weeks ago, reviewing the behavior of the IDF before and after the October 7th massacre at the level of various corps, commands, and branches of service.

  • It is estimated that the findings of the investigation will be published by May, but the date is likely to be influenced by other large military events, including the possibility of escalation on the northern front.

The decision as to resignations or dismissals will be made only after the investigation has been completed, at which point, army officials claim, the findings will be made public.

The investigation is intended to remedy deficiencies and prepare for the future, along with the hope of restoring public trust in the IDF.

Source: Arutz Sheva