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Israel accused of ‘executing’ 13 children near al-Shifa in one week

The Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor has accused Israeli forces of directly shooting at and executing 13 children in and near al-Shifa Hospital in just one week.

The monitoring group, citing its teams on the ground, said some of the fatal shootings occurred as victims’ families were inside their homes amid Israel’s continuing raid on al-Shifa, and others while the victims were attempting to escape via routes designated as safe.

  • In one testimony, Islam Ali Salouha told Euro-Med that Israeli forces on Sunday shot at and killed his sons – nine-year-old Ali and six-year-old Saeed Muhammad Sheikha – on a corpse-strewn street near al-Shifa that the Israeli army had designated for travel.

The Israeli forces targeted the two children in particular, he said.

  • Salouha said he, his sons and neighbours only left the building because Israeli forces had told them to evacuate or face having their building bombed.

Destruction near al-Shifa Hospital leaves neighbourhood ‘unrecognisable’

It’s getting very difficult to keep up with the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. The past 24 hours were very difficult here in Rafah, with more mass killings and destruction of residential homes and agricultural land.

Israeli forces have continued their attacks in and around al-Shifa Hospital. They are not only causing a great deal of damage to the medical complex but systematically destroying homes in the area.

We are looking at an entire residential neighbourhood near the hospital that has been destroyed, rendered beyond recognition. It appears to be a systematic attempt to clear out the area.

‘Influx of newborns suffering from acute malnutrition’ in Gaza hospitals

More than 14,000 children have been killed by Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7. In addition, thousands are left suffering from severe malnutrition and dehydration.

Doctors at Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza say they’re seeing many infants daily whose weight does not match their age. They are appealing for desperately needed supplies as at least 27 children have died of malnutrition and dehydration since October.

  • “Being part of the ICU staff at Kamal Adwan hospital, we clearly notice the influx of newborns suffering from acute malnutrition and advanced severe dehydration,” a doctor at the medical complex said.
  • “This is mainly due to absence of formula milk. As a result, babies reach critical and severe degrees of dehydration and acidemia disorders and ultimately death. On a daily basis, we receive two to three cases of underweight babies.”

Source: Hani Mahmoud – Al Jazeera