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Israel: Almost half of known cases contracted coronavirus abroad

The National Center for Information on Coronavirus has conducted an epidemiological analysis of more than 50% of people confirmed to have contracted the virus.

The results of the analysis show that 47% of patients interviewed were infected with coronavirus while abroad. Another 5% were infected at home, and 35% knew that they had been infected from someone who later tested positive.

However, the source of infection in about 13% of patients remains unknown.

From the epidemiological analysis of those for whom the source of infection was in Israel and could be identified (35% of the total), it is evident that there are several key locations in which significant numbers of people have been infected, where the risk is particularly high. These are: synagogues and yeshivas (29%), shopping centers and restaurants (26%), and hotels (15%).

In a statement, the National Center for Information on Coronavirus said that it will “continue to expand our epidemiological investigations in order to build an accurate picture of the situation that will enable informed decision-making to disrupt the spread of the virus.”