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Israel AG: Gov’t must approve army enforcement of traffic rules

Attorney-General Avichai Mandelblit has announced that the decision of the government to use the army to enforce traffic rules will be brought for government approval this evening.

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett (Yamina) called for the fight against the spread of coronavirus to be transferred from the Health to the Defense Ministry during a briefing today.

Bennett said he opposed imposing more stringent safety measures on businesses. He said there was no reason for removing the remaining safety net of the Israeli economy.

The Defense Minister noted that the virus had done the most damage within the Arab and haredi sectors and that areas most affected by the disease should be closed off.

“There are three ‘Corona states’ here: the haredi one, the Arabs, and the rest of Israel. The infection rate among the haredim and Arabs is very high. I’m against strengthening quarantine measures. The majority of Israeli society is taking this crisis very seriously. The problem lays with the Arabs and haredim,” he stated.

Bennett also mentioned a technological system developed by the IDF that, in his estimate, was better suited to prevent the further spread of the virus than the current system of ineffective epidemiological investigations.

“I urge the government to approve the system [in order to allow us to] monitor and control the rate of infection,” added the Defense Minister.

According to a report in Kan News, the Justice Ministry is refusing to allow the participation of the army in enforcing a lockdown, until its role is clearly defined.

The Justice Ministry wants the government to clarify the roles of the police and the army, and also to reach a decision on whether soldiers enforcing the lockdown should be armed.