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Israel: ‘Cannabis legalization will raise a generation that can’t cope’

The Knesset is discussing legislation that would legalize cannabis and Dr. Yaniv Efrati sees such a development as dangerous to the younger generation.

“There are places in the world that have legalized cannabis that have seen a four-fold increase in psychiatric hospitalization in adolescents. If such a law is passed here, the youth must be protected but I am very worried that this will be almost impossible. Alcohol pruchase, for example, is forbidden before the age of 18 and we see alcohol use common in children,” Efrati said.

“In the medical world, adolescent years extend up to the age of 24 and smoking cannabis before this age, according to research, causes significant cognitive impairment and impacts school success and other achievement,” Efrati added.

“I’m very worried. Adolescents need to learn how to cope with pain, frustration, rejection and failure. If we legalize cannabis, we will raise a generation that whenever there is pain or difficulty it will flee to smoking grass and other addictive behaviors.”

Source: Arutz Sheva