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‘Israel can’t hurt Iran, don’t jeopardize your lives by trying’

Iran’s president made a thinly veiled threat against Israel Monday, as talks in Vienna inch closer towards a final agreement renewing the 2015 nuclear deal.

President Ebrahim Raisi spoke at a press conference Monday, dismissing Israel’s ability to carry out attacks on Tehran’s nuclear program, and threatening the Jewish state should it attempt any military operation against Iran.

  • “Look at the gap between decision and action – if they decide to act against Iran, they won’t set a deadline to act. The gap between decision and action will show if there is anything left of [the Zionist] regime or not.”
  • “The Zionist entity knows very well that it cannot attack Iran. And we warn them against making any rash decision which could jeopardize their existence.”
  • Turning to the spate of suspected assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and missile engineers, Raisi said the killings “won’t make us stop and will not impact our determination and our efforts in the area of nuclear development. We have acquired nuclear technology despite the spite of many [enemies].”

“From the beginning, the Zionist regime did not want Iran to have access to this knowledge. But today, against their will and arrogance, this knowledge has become indigenous and cannot be taken from Iran.”

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid spoke out Sunday afternoon on the emerging nuclear deal with Iran, criticizing the current draft under consideration and urging the US to force Iran into accepting a “better” agreement with “tighter” oversight.

Lapid also argued that the deal should bar Iran from support terrorist organizations.

The Prime Minister is set to meet with Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu at 5:00 p.m. Monday for a security update on Iran’s nuclear program.

Source: Arutz Sheva