Israel caught unprepared. Why?

This much is certain…Iran is behind all this. The mullahs timed it for the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, so here we are again.

Further, they felt fat and secure knowing they had a friend in Washington. After all, a few weeks ago, Joe Biden handed them six billion dollars, for reasons nobody knows, except that through his wobbly leadership, he creates one crisis after another, starting with Afghanistan, and now the consequences have arrived in Israel in the form of war.

Suppose the Israelis run short of ammo? How much of our stockpile has gone to Ukraine?

In 1973, Kissinger and the State Department tried to persuade Nixon to keep hands off even as the situation in Israel was desperate.

The Republican President’s response? “Send them everything they need. Anything that flies.”

Few know the good side of that man.

None of this lets Israeli Intel off the hook.

Surely, the best and the brightest must have known that Iran-backed Hamas was re-arming itself at a furious pace, along with squirreling dozens of tunnels.

All that next door, right under their noses.

Why didn’t they take preemptive steps?

What stopped them is, one, they didn’t know, which is impossible to believe, two, a form of complacency set in among the Israeli public and even the military.

That seems more plausible.

Things are rolling along, with ONLY several terrorist incidents per week. This is expected. This is NORMAL from these Palestinian Arabs, and for the Israelis, a way of life.

So why start trouble?

That was quite the thinking 50 years ago when the government knew an attack was coming from Egypt, Syria and others…but hesitated to act, so that it should not be seen, by the world, that it was the Israelis who fired the first shot. Numerous members of the IDF were killed and maimed needlessly due to this failure to act first.

Is this the same story all over again? Faced with barbarians at the gates, the Israelis can never afford to relax.

Dayan, so we are told, feared the worst, that all was lost.

Apparently, some lessons remain unlearned, one lesson is that when you give them land, this is what you get.

  • Sharon’s blunder of 2005. Gaza for Peace, and this is the reward. How many of Israel’s precious sons have had to go in to take care of business, again today.

Today, Biden and Blinken promise full support for Israel. This is good.

But last week they said the Abraham Accords (arranged by Trump) weren’t enough. Israel, they insisted, must come to terms with the Palestinian Arabs.

That was also the message from a divided and diverse Congress. These are not your father’s Democrats.

Israel, according to them, must make more and more concessions, toward what? Toward a two-state solution.

Give them more land, and they will be satisfied. They will be partners in peace.

The facts on the ground at this dire moment say otherwise.

  • Will they ever learn…and will protesting Israeli leftists continue to march with Hamas/Palestinian Arab flags?

Source: Jack Engelhard – Arutz Sheva

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