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Israel considering double-masking to reinforce anti-virus protection

After it was confirmed that US President Biden wears a double face covering for added protection against the coronavirus, many health experts began to examine the possibility that doing so does, indeed, improve the chances of avoiding infection.

According to many of them, the answer to that question is a resounding “Yes.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the Institute of Infectious Diseases in the United States and a leading expert in the White House’s battle with the coronavirus, is convinced that wearing a double mask provides increased protection against the virus.

“…If you have a face mask with one covering and add another, it makes sense that it would be more effective. That’s why you can see people wearing a double mask,” Fauci said on NBC’s “Today” show.

Medical expert for CBSN radio in Denver, Colorado, Dr. Dave Hanida, said recent studies have supported the assessment that a double mask improves protection against COVID-19.

“It’s backed up by a study that two masks actually provide better protection than one. What we’re saying is that two masks may provide equal protection to an N-95 mask that is considered the best mask available. This is because you end up getting more filtration of viral particles. It becomes harder for them to make their way from the air into your nose and throat, and from there to the lungs,” he stated. Dr Hanida warned against wearing a triple mask, however, as this “could lead to difficulties breathing.”

Lindsay Marr, an infection control specialist at the University of Virginia Tech, told AARP that as the new mutations develop, double-masking should be considered. “A mask is like an obstacle course that the viral particle has to pass. Adding a second mask adds another obstacle, which increases the chances of having the particle trapped in the mask,” Marr said.

Israel is considering adopting the idea and requiring residents to wear double masks. Tomer Lotan, head of the Magen Israel staff at the Ministry of Health, told Channel 12 News that,

“This option is being discussed by professional teams in charge of issuing guidelines on behalf of the Ministry of Health.”

“The world is starting to think of more creative and innovative ways of dealing with the mutation, and the concept of increased protection is one of them. Once we decide on a way forward, we will issue a formal recommendation,” he added.

Source: Nissan Tzur – Arutz Sheva