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Israel elections: Yamina (political alliance). Principles.

Yamina (Hebrew: ימינה, lit. Right or Rightwards) is an Israeli political alliance of right-wing to far-right parties, containing the New Right and the Union of the Right-Wing Parties (a union of The Jewish Home and Tkuma). The list was created ahead of the September 2019 Israeli legislative election; the three parties agreed to unite to avoid losing votes to the high electoral threshold.

On 21 July 2019, after suffering a defeat in the April 2019 Israeli legislative election, New Right leader Naftali Bennett decided to give leadership of the party to Ayelet Shaked. In her opening leadership speech, Shaked declared that she will seek to unite with the Union of the Right-Wing Parties (URWP) and other right-wing parties.

The following day, negotiations with the URWP began. The negotiations initially stalled, as URWP leader Rafi Peretz was unwilling to concede leadership of the list to Shaked, and disagreements arose over how many spots each of the three involved parties would receive on the list. Another subject that arose in the negotiations was whether the radical former URWP member Otzma Yehudit should be included in the new joint list.

Sara Netanyahu (the wife of the prime minister) was recorded speaking with Rafi Peretz’ wife, Michal Peretz, in an attempt to convince Peretz to retain his number one slot on the list; she was unsuccessful. It was also revealed that Benjamin Netanyahu was involved (despite his denial). The URWP and the New Right agreed to a joint run on 29 July 2019, with the New Right’s Ayelet Shaked leading the joint list. As part of the agreement, the alliance declared that they would negotiate together to establish a right-wing government under Benjamin Netanyahu.


  1. Jewish Identity: We will work to strengthen the Jewish identity of the State of Israel, and to strengthen the connection of Israeli students to the Torah, the Land of Israel and Jewish heritage.
  2. Nationality: We will act for the implementation of the Nation-state Law and prevention of any harm to it, while continuing to ensure individual rights and equality for all Israeli citizens.
  3. Unity of the land: We are the only party that opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state and any withdrawal from the territories of the Land of Israel. We will work to develop settlements throughout the country.
  4. Sovereignty: We will act for the full and equitable application of national sovereignty and the rule of law to all citizens and residents of Israel, including the end of the military administration of Judea and Samaria and the application of Israeli sovereignty to the territories of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley.
  5. Determination against terror: We will defeat terrorism with determination and without compromise, we will defeat Gaza border terrorism and end the allowances payed to terrorists by the Palestinian Authority. We will bring back the corpses of IDF soldiers and charge a price from Hamas for its actions, with total resistance to the release of imprisoned terrorists. We will act to assist disabled IDF veterans and the victims of the conflict.
  6. Aliyah: We will work towards the implementation of a national Aliyah policy, which will promote Jewish immigration and remove unnecessary barriers to immigration. We will prevent illegal immigration of migrant workers to Israel and prevent the abuse of family reunification policies.
  7. Competition and liberty: We will promote competition to break up monopolies and cartels, open the economy to international competition and reduce central planning in the economy. We will promote competition in the housing market, release land for construction, and implement taxation policies that will spur development. We will streamline regulation, reduce the regulatory burden on employers which will encourage employment and productivity, and create a comfortable environment for a sharing economy and the high tech industry.
  8. Right to work: We will reform the labor law so unions can only represent all workers in a workplace if they have a majority of its workers unionized, we will implement mandatory government arbitration to solve labor disputes in essential government services and increase transparency in labor organizations.
  9. Governability: We will strengthen the values of governability and democracy. We will strengthen the status of the Knesset as a legislative authority and restore confidence in the Supreme Court as the judicial authority, in accordance with the law. We will strengthen the status of elected officials in the face of the un-elected bureaucracy.
  10. Social responsibility: We will enact economic and medical protection for the disabled and the elderly, while integrating people with disabilities in education, society and the labor market.
  11. Galilee and the Negev: We will strengthen the Galilee and the Negev with additional employment opportunities, housing, health care, tourism, culture, and transport. We will encourage capital investment and private initiatives that will strengthen human capital and allow families to settle and remain in the Galilee and the Negev. We will strengthen agriculture and the Labor settlements.