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Israel: Fines for lockdown breaches to double and quadruple

On Sunday afternoon, the government authorized raising the fines it imposes on various breaches of coronavirus regulations, due to pressure from the Health Ministry.

As such, the fine for a business or public service operating in breach of guidelines will now rise from NIS 5,000 to NIS 10,000.

The fine for holding an event, party, public gathering, cultural event, or festival that is in breach of guidelines will rise from NIS 5,000 to NIS 20,000.

Educational institutions that open in breach of guidelines will be fined NIS 20,000, up from NIS 5,000.

Representatives from the United Torah Judaism (UTJ) party, MKs Yaakov Litzman and Moshe Gafni, had previously stated that: “We have already informed the Prime Minister that we are opposed to raising fines that are already set at a high rate, especially given the absence of any solutions for citizens and business owners. If this motion to increase fines passes and is approved by the Knesset, all members of the UTJ party will vote against it at every juncture – both in Committee and in the Knesset plenum,” they stressed.

The UTJ party is part of the unity government.

Source: Arutz Sheva