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Israel: Government renews electronic tracking – for two weeks

The Israeli government approved Sunday night the continued electronic tracking for an additional two weeks.

The new plan will allow Shabak (Israel Security Agency) to track the cellular phones of those who reported less than five contacts in their epidemiological investigation.

Tracking will be completely discontinued when Israel has less than 1,000 new coronavirus cases daily, or when the tracking will be found to locate less than 5% of coronavirus carriers for three consecutive weeks.

On Sunday, Israel’s tracking of confirmed coronavirus carriers officially came to an end.

Earlier this month, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled against the government’s covert tracking program for coronavirus patients, placing strict limits on the use of the Shin Bet intelligence agency for tracing COVID cases, but refraining from banning the measure completely.

The new program, which only tracks certain coronavirus carriers, is in line with the Supreme Court ruling.

Source: Arutz Sheva