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Israel has plans to launch attacks against Yemen: Air Force Command

According to the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, the commander, Major General Tomer Bar, said that the IAF, which he described as the strategic arm of Israel, is “prepared and operates all over the Middle East, in every required arena, anywhere.”

Bar’s threat came just a few days after the Houthis (Ansar Allah) announced two attacks against Israel and threatened to target Israeli ships sailing near Yemen in support of the Gaza Strip.

  • The Houthis, who control a large part of Yemen and maintain a large arsenal of missiles and drones, are a part of the so-called “Axis of Resistance” which is backed by Iran and opposes Israel.

Since the outbreak of the war in Gaza, the Houthis have been launching attacks with missiles and drones against Israel. The group also shot down a combat drone of the United States military that was allegedly operating off Yemen’s western coast in support of Israel.

  • The IAF possesses the means to attack Yemen. So does the Israeli Navy. Nevertheless, any attack on the country could further provoke the Houthis. The group will likely escalate its attacks on Israel and even target nearby U.S. warships and bases.