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Israel Is working to expel the Palestinians, but to where?

The IDF has failed against Hamas in Gaza and the Netanyahu government has rejected the Palestinian proposal for a ceasefire.

Their final gambit appears to be to eliminate the existence of the Palestinian people from Israeli occupied territory.

Many left-leaning and Muslim commentators have responded to Israel’s plan to “destroy Hamas,” as in the political organization, by stating that it would be futile.

Palestinian liberation movements since 1948 have taken on the lacquer of Marxism-Leninism, secular nationalism, and now an Islam-centered ideology, but in the end, the yearning for a homeland guarantees that resistance will be eternal as long as the Palestinian people exist, regardless if Hamas survives the war or not.

  • This view is correct, and under normal circumstances, a negotiated settlement would’ve remedied this issue by now.

What these critics miss, however, is that while many believe mass racial expulsions of native people are impossible in the 21st century due to supposed enlightened liberal norms and humanitarian laws, Israel and nations with ethnically Jewish elites are working to prove this assumption wrong.

The Jewish campaign to destroy the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) aiding Palestinians is the first step in this ethnic cleansing campaign.

  • This has long been an agenda item for the Israeli state, which has opposed UNRWA since its founding in 1949. This entity exists to serve Palestinians expelled by Jewish forces during the Nakba and subsequent assaults.

The Israeli state’s hostility towards UNRWA is centered around the legal protection Palestinians enjoy as refugees, primarily the promise of the Right of Return.

  • This has been portrayed by Zionists as an extremist and anti-Semitic demand, but it is a right all refugees enjoy.

UN protected refugees have a high rate of success when returning to their homelands, as recently seen with the case of Afghans, Somalis and others previously forced out of their countries of origin.

  • The second complaint from the Israelis is that the medical, food and educational services provided to Palestinians in and around Israeli occupied territories discourages them from emigrating and settling down somewhere else.
  • On the other hand, the counter-argument within the Jewish community on UNRWA was that Europe and America effectively financed Israel’s occupation of Palestinians.

By offering humanitarian assistance, some Israelis believed this would fill a vacuum that would otherwise be met by services provided by groups like Hamas or nations like Iran.

  • Under the terms of agreement with UNRWA, Israel was allowed to inspect everything without conditions and supervise the use of resources such as concrete. There was even a deliberate “DeNazification” angle to UNRWA’s work, as trans-national Jewry was even able to micromanage the textbooks Palestinian children in refugee camps were allowed to read, often threatening defunding if messages critical of Jews and Zionism were being taught.

Yet this was not enough to destroy the Palestinian people’s will to resist.

  • On January 4th, Israeli policy wonk Noga Arbell — frustrated with lack of military success in combating Hamas — proposed to the Knesset that they could only “eliminate the terrorists” by destroying the “idea” of a Palestinian state, an idea she asserted was nurtured by UNRWA.

Weeks later, the United States and its subjects Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Japan, Austria and Romania announced without warning that they would be defunding UNRWA, causing the organization to suddenly teeter on brink of financial collapse.

Arab, European Union and UN leadership have condemned the decision as “collective punishment,” but Washington has ignored these complaints.

  • The excuse presented for cutting off money for UNRWA in the midst of one of the most brutal wars on a civilian population in history was the circulation of Israeli intelligence claiming a dozen or so aid workers (over 100 who have been killed in the war so far) were secret Hamas agents.

This intelligence appears to be an unfounded hoax.

The American head of UNRWA, William Deere, has stated that every single employee of the organization is subjected to a background check and vetted by the Israeli state itself.

The Israeli government has long been given the right to order the firing of UNRWA workers at will, as seen with the dozen or so employees accused of being Hamas-sympathizers being fired (or killed) despite a lack of evidence behind the charges against them. Western leaders have been tight-lipped on declaring faith in the Israeli intelligence in question. Recently, Foreign Minister Penny Wong said she doesn’t even know the real reason for why she voted to end Australia’s support for UNRWA.

  • How a desperate genocidal proposal travels from the Israeli parliament to become the consensus in all of the major capitals of the West in less than a month remains a mystery among those not familiar with how power is really brokered in the Washington-led liberal plutocracies.

Mass expulsion of all Arabs is the end goal

  • The core tenet of Zionism has always been to expel native Arabs. In 1940, Jewish National Fund leader Yosef Weitz privately plotted the subsequent ethnic cleansing of 750,000 Palestinians in 1948,
  • “The only solution is a Land of Israel devoid of Arabs. There is no room here for compromise. They all must be moved. Not one village can remain, and not one tribe. Only through this transfer of the Arabs living in the Land of Israel will redemption come.”
  • In 1969, the Israeli state brokered a deal with CIA-backed Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner to pay 60,000 Gazans to move to South America, though few appear to have taken the offer.
  • Following the October 7th incursion, the Misgav Institute for National Security and Zionist Strategy released a white paper calling for the “final resettlement” of the Palestinians.

Today, Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir and senior official Bezalel Smotrich openly tell the Jewish public (83% of which openly support ethnically cleansing Gaza) they are actively conspiring to send Palestinians to a different country and replace them with Jews, even as figures in Washington pretend to protest.

  • Netanyahu withholds comments on this matter in public, but Israeli media has reported that in late December, the Prime Minister told Likud Party members that their strategy of bombing civilians and man-made famine was a deliberate tactic to terrorize Arabs into “voluntary emigration.”
  • At the same meeting, Netanyahu promised that his people were privately working on convincing other nations to accept millions of displaced Palestinians.
  • The obvious destination appears to be Egypt, since it is nearby, but we should not discount the prospect of Europe as a final destination.
  • In late October, the Financial Times reported that the Israeli government was using the European Union to pressure Egypt into taking expelled Palestinians.

Egypt has continued to insist that it will not be a party to this arrangement, not because it is against refugees (the country already hosts millions from Syria and elsewhere), but because the Arab world will perceive them as collaborators in the final destruction of the Palestinian people.

  • Despite early reports that Egypt was considering military action over Israel’s brazen attacks in Rafah, Fattah al-Sisi is expected to cave.

In an amazing coincidence, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — which previously ceased loaning money to Egypt — has recently “reconsidered” the offer, generically citing the Gaza war as the reason.

The global finance organization has yet to make a final decision on whether to disperse the promised funds.

Arab media is pulling no punches on this development. Middle Eastern journalists have concluded that Jewish world finance is privately dangling up to $12 billion dollars in loan forgiveness from American and European banks in exchange for Egypt taking in the Palestinians Israel is pushing into Sinai.

Once al-Sisi agrees to go along with the plan, the credit will flow.

If Egypt accepts “money” over “lead” in this scenario, there will likely be blowback for Europe.

  • Prior to the conflict, the Israeli government was working with the Turkish consulate to enable Palestinians to travel to Southeastern Europe, where they became the top asylum-seeking population in Greece by mid 2023. Israel uses its bureaucracy strategically to ensure that once a Palestinian agrees to leave Israeli territory, it is very difficult, if not impossible, for them to return.

The EU has been offering to bribe the Egyptian regime since the beginning of hostilities between Israel and Palestine. The EU has gone out of its way to keep resettling potential Palestinian refugees to Europe on the table during these secret negotiations, even as it pays Arab leaders elsewhere to keep some immigrants away.

  • The Financial Times reported on this glaring omission, stating that the arrangement, “will not specifically link EU cash to Egypt’s commitment to prevent any onward migration to Europe or a possible influx of Palestinians.”
  • Egyptian leadership has shown exasperation with Brussels, even declaring that they would send one million Palestinians to Europe if the aggressive lobbying continues.

The Israeli government is not so subtle. Danny Danon, the lead figure working closely with Netanyahu on the Gaza expulsion plan, took to the Wall Street Journal in November to declare, “The West Should Welcome Gaza Refugees.”

This plan has been endorsed by some of the West’s most prominent anti-Muslim Zionist voices.

  • On the idea, Breitbart editor Joel Pollak wrote, “We [America] should give civilians from Gaza temporary refuge during the war, as long as they are not a threat, and encourage regional Arab states to do the same.”

Zionist hawk Nikki Haley has also hinted at support for this idea.

In other words, the people deemed too dangerous to live in their own homes are being welcomed by the same Zionists to the West.

But the Palestinians don’t want to leave. They are fighting to the last man to stay in their land.

Ultimately, the only check that could prevent this refugee catastrophe from going according to the Zionist plan is a victory by the Axis of Resistance.

  • Republished from Substack by permission of author or representative

Source: Eric Striker – Unz Review