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Israel must help its allies the Kurds

The Kurdish people are a Middle Eastern minority that has endured centuries of persecution. Israel has long seen them as an ally and has provided arms and training to its military organizations.

The Kurds, allies of the West and the U.S. in their fight against the Islamic State, have been abandoned by the Americans, and are standing alone against this intolerable force.

In Turkey’s past, during the Ottoman Empire, is the Armenian genocide – and it’s doubtful if Erdogan has any qualms about carrying out similar actions.

Israel should be at the head of a worldwide political struggle against Turkey and for the Kurds.

Israel should be raising the issue at the United Nations and at every other international institution – and move towards sanctions against Turkey.

Israel’s ambassadors all over the world should send a message to their host countries calling upon them to condemn Turkey.

Israel should call for direct action such as severing diplomatic ties with Turkey.

Furthernore, Israel is more than able as a humanitarian country to provide any help it can to the Kurds.

This Turkish invasion in Syria would have not occurred if it were not for the Americans abandoning the Kurds to their own fate.

The U.S. has shown itself to be a weak ally, a fact that should spur Israel to rethink its dependence on it, particularly while Donald Trump occupies the White House.

The abandonment of the Kurds is the embodiment of “America First”, all while Trump continues to insult the Kurdish people, including faulting them for not participating in the Allies’ Normandy landings in World War II.

Trump keeps projecting himself as the opposite of his predecessor Barack Obama, but he is merely a continuation of the U.S. policy of turning its back on its allies in the Middle East.

Obama turned away from former Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak and on Israel with his appeasement policy towards Iran and the Iran nuclear deal.

Trump is needlessly leaving the Kurds to their fate all while continuing his appeasement policy towards the Turkish dictator.

Although Trump is a big friend of Israel, a friend that has made unprecedented decisions for Israel’s sake, he is fickle and unexpected in his mindset and could turn on it at a moment’s notice.

The lesson Israel should take from the Kurds is that it cannot trust anyone but itself and should definitely not compromise on any part of its security.

Excerpts from Ynetnews, Uri Heitner