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Israel: Police officer, volunteer to be prosecuted for assaulting unmasked man

The Department of Police Investigations has decided to prosecute a police officer from the Ayalon area and a police volunteer for assaulting a person they arrested for failing to wear a mask, subject to a hearing to be held for them.

According to the suspicion, on July 4, a 24-year-old man was staying with his friends in a public area in Holon without a mask. The police ordered him to identify himself but he ignored their order.

After the complainant refused, the police decided to arrest him using force that allegedly included punches, using a taser, and beating the young man in the head.

After investigating the case and examining all the circumstances, the Investigations Department of the police decided that the police officers had used unusual force and therefore it was decided to prosecute them, subject to a hearing to be held in their case.

Meantime, United Torah Judaism Chairman MK Yitzhak Pindros says the faction will oppose raising the level of fines and that faction representatives will vote against the decision in the Knesset plenum and committees.

“The government must take into account the positions of the coalition factions and not discuss a proposal that is unacceptable to the entire coalition partnership. We said and repeated that we would oppose raising the level of fines, which are high anyway. In particular against the background of the difficult economic situation in which the citizens of Israel in general and the collapsing business owners in particular find themselves. The government should formulate solutions and not increase the fines.”

Source: Arutz Sheva