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Preparing for a ROUND 2 of coronavirus with a DOOMSDAY prepper (Israel)

Many are predicting that with the end of the lockdowns, we will see a possible round 2 of the coronavirus.

If that happens, what should we be doing now, with this “window of opportunity” as stores and businesses re-open?

Also, are Jews living outside of Israel living on borrowed time? Joshua Wander joins Tamar and explains the challenges we may face including food shortages, unemployment, power outages, the lack of ability to communicate with our phones or the internet, and our lack of knowledge on knowing generally how to survive.

Original: Arutz Sheva

From one of the readers:

“If they try to enforce a second lock down, we have no other choice but to roll out the guillotines. We can’t have these globalist fascists steal our freedom and destroy our economy. We worked to hard to build it all up to allow these parasitic elements should tear it all down on a whim.”