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Israel: Rappeh Party demands to see non-redacted Pfizer contract

The Rappeh Party today slammed Health Minister Edelstein for proposing what they called “medical apartheid” for millions of Israeli citizens.

The Rappeh Party referred to the proposal by Health Minister Edelstein to use “coercive methods of incentives and restrictions on millions of law abiding Israelis, to take the experimental Pfizer infection, or become second class citizens in their own country.”

Edelstein proposed that Israeli citizens who have not chosen to take the experimental COVID-19 shot will be banned from entering and participating in public gatherings such as malls, gyms, and cultural events, excluding – for the time being – supermarkets and pharmacies.

“These conditions are evidently subject to change from one day to the next and are all but assured to be additionally changed before elections and then again after them,” a party statement said.

They continued: “Edelstein’s increasingly extreme measures smacks of desperation and a willingness to take exceptional risks, including that of trampling on the inalienable bodily autonomy of Israeli citizens, in the attempt to claim victory over COVID-19 before the election.”

“We, the Rappeh party, and the people of Israel, demand to see the non-redacted version of the contract between Pfizer and the Israeli government. Ironically, it is Yuli Edelstein, himself pursued and then imprisoned for three years in a Soviet jail as a Prisoner of Zion, proposing this extraordinary revocation of human rights.”

“After a year with COVID-19, our government has shown neither reason nor transparent science and supporting data to the millions of law abiding, healthy citizens who are suffering extraordinary financial and psychological breakdown from five cumulative months under house arrest.”

“The government should be investing in the multitude of proven treatments to prevent and treat COVID infections instead of limiting the basic freedoms of our families, soldiers, and pensioners.” said Rappeh party leader Dr. Aryeh Avni.

Israeli health authorities and media are reporting there is “no link” to deaths after the COVID-19 shot. However, as of February 4th, 2021, the U.S. federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has logged 653 deaths occurring after receiving Pfizer and Moderna’s COVID-19 shots and 12,697 reactions to date, 1,171 of which are serious cardiac-related cases. Of the 134 cases of cardiac incidents that resulted in death, 50% occurred within 24 hours and 60% within 48 hours from the time of injection.

According to a study by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, the VAERS reporting system is used in less than 1% of incidents.

Rappeh Party candidate Ilana Rachel Daniel said: “Rappeh is the only party offering a genuine alternative to the same rhetoric we have seen repeatedly with the main parties, one where lasting transparent education, freedom, and health are at the forefront of its campaign. Rappeh will work to maintain and strengthen Democracy and ensure there are no more lockdowns, and that freedoms of bodily autonomy and self determination are returned to the rights of the individual.”

She continued: “The desire to maintain our democracy should have everyone willing to take this cause up and into the streets, otherwise, we are all at a loss. We have a chance to come together here in the clearest, most fundamentally human way. These are inalienable human rights, they are not bargaining chips held by the government for promotional use. Democracy is not conditional, it is an institution intended for times of emergency more than any other.”

Source: Arutz Sheva