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Israel reimposes Green Pass restrictions

Israel’s Coronavirus Cabinet voted Thursday to reimpose the ‘Green Pass’ system, limiting entry to some public venues to the vaccinated and recovered COVID patients.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett convened the Coronavirus Cabinet, after the meeting was delayed for several days, at IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv, following a call by the Health Ministry to bring back the ‘green pass’ system in the hopes of curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

During the meeting, Bennett laid out the government’s strategy for combating the Indian or Delta variant of the virus, focusing on renewed efforts for mass vaccination, the use of masks, and measures aimed at protecting vulnerable populations.

The plan also included the renewal of the ‘Breen Pass’ system, a measure which was approved by the Coronavirus Cabinet, along with new restrictions on air travel.

The Green Pass system will go into effect starting next Thursday, and will limit entry to any event with 100 people to attendees with valid vaccinations cards, certificates of recovery, or recent negative COVID tests. Only attendees over 12 years old will be limited by these restrictions.

In addition, the limits to entry will also be imposed, regardless of the number of attendees, on all sports and cultural events, gyms, restaurants and dining halls, conferences, synagogues and other houses of worship, and tourist attractions.

The Coronavirus Cabinet also voted to remove the subsidy for coronavirus tests for people who have not been vaccinated, requiring them to pay for any tests they may require.

Source: Arutz Sheva