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Israel Survey: Half of students lost their jobs

The Student Union published results of a survey in which about 10,000 students participated, showing that 75% of students in Israel were harmed work-wise as a result of the severe economic crisis.

14% were fired, 37% were sent on unpaid leave, and 24% reported a deterioration in their employment conditions. Nearly 90% of students indicated they feared for their employment future due to the crisis. 13% of students were forced to leave their apartment due to economic hardship caused by the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, 24% of students reported considering retiring from school or freezing studies in the coming semester. 25% of students from the haredi population responded they were considering retiring, as well as 52% from Arab society, 32% from non-budgeted college students, and 18% from among university students.

Source: Arutz Sheva