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Israel: Unvaccinated man to cafe employee – ‘You’re not allowed to make me go outside’

An Aroma Israel employee asked a customer who did not have a Green Passport to step out of the cafe – and was “verbally attacked” by the customer, Israel Hayom reported.

The incident began at 4:30 in the afternoon, in the cafe’s Tamra branch, when a customer entered the cafe and refused to sit outdoors, as per the guidelines for those who are not immune to coronavirus.

“You’re not allowed to make me go outside,” the customer said. “You are not allowed to ask that of me, legally. There is no such law in the State of Israel. There is no law in Israel of a Green Passport. I don’t have to do anything.”

“You think there is such a law, the media thinks so and says it is law. Bring me a police officer and he will say that there is no such law in the State of Israel. I don’t want to sit outside.”

Later in the video, he said, “I have an exemption. You want to see an exemption? I’ll show you an exemption. You’re not allowed to ask for it – I have medical confidentiality.”

When asked to wear a mask, the man said, “I have an exemption from masks. Do you want to see the exemption?”

He also threatened the employee with a lawsuit, and said he would sue the chain as well.

Eventually, a police officer arrived and removed the customer from the store, but an official complaint was not filed, Israel Hayom noted.

Aroma Israel responded: “The Aroma Israel chain acts in accordance with the guidelines set by the government. Unfortunately, the customer refused to accept this and acted aggressively and without respect towards our amazing employees, who we would like to praise for their polite and reserved management [of the situation].”

Source: Arutz Sheva