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Israel: Who is permitted to go into work under Israel’s tightened lockdown?

Knesset lawmakers on Friday announced the list of which industry sectors were permitted to allow employees to go to work, despite the lockdown.

The following industries were declared to be “essential”:

  • Banks
  • Energy plants in the field of electricity, natural gas and oil
  • Water infrastructure
  • Welfare services for Holocaust survivors
  • Moving, storage and customs brokerage services
  • Those involved in the production, sale and provision of food and beverages
  • Those involved in the production, sale and provision of cleaning materials
  • Agriculture
  • Ports and shipping
  • Public transportation (limited)
  • Development of transportation infrastructure
  • National Insurance
  • Local authority sanitation services
  • Postal service, internet and communication bodies
  • Welfare, employment and new immigrant absorption services
  • Institutions for environmental protection
  • Religion and burial services
  • Telephone service centers
  • Security services
  • Building maintenance
  • Veterinary services
  • Courier/delivery services
  • Public housing services
  • Health services, optical services and pharmacies
  • Taxation services
  • Education — those working in daycares permitted to operate, special education and services for youth at risk
  • Construction industry
  • Service providers for coronavirus aid grants
  • Government offices and local authorities to operate on an emergency footing
  • Defense industries: Rafael, Elbit, IAI to operate with limitations
  • Necessary employees for the continued functional remote activity of the workplace, e.g. IT workers, those involved in the payment of wages that cannot work remotely
  • Factories whose cessation of activities could cause great damage to the economy

All workplaces must continue to operate under the “Purple Badge” guidelines of health restrictions for businesses.

Source: TOI