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Israel – Yesh Atid MK: “Government lost legitimacy to order full lockdown, public should not obey”

Yesh Atid MK Idan Roll wrote Tuesday on Twitter that the public should not obey the government, if it decides to impose a lockdown due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

“This government has violated the most basic contract with the public. It obliges it to protect us in times of crisis. In addition, its decisions are not based on data and are tainted with political considerations. Therefore it has no legitimacy to order a full closure and the public should not obey.”

Meretz lawmaker Yair Golan agreed with Roll’s remarks and said he called him

“To praise him on the courageous move of his call for rebellion. The whole opposition must revolt, only in this way will we save democracy!”

Coalition head Miki Zohar of Likud condemned Roll on his statement. “The cat has come out of the bag, the people of Yesh Atid and Yair Lapid will do everything, including calling for a revolt that will turn the State of Israel into anarchy only to harm the continuation of the right-wing office, the Likud and Prime Minister Netanyahu. Anarchists.” The chairman of the right-wing party Yamina, Naftali Bennett, called on the head of Roll’s party, Yair Lapid, to shake off his remarks: “I have a very harsh criticism of the government’s failings, and I do not hesitate to present it. But this is the elected government. We have no other police and no other IDF. Criticism – yes. Anarchy – no.”

Source: Haaretz