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Israeli Amb. to France threatens to resign over new government

The Foreign Ministry has refused to take any action after Israeli Ambassador to Germany Yael German after she violated the Civil Service Regulations by making a political statement, Israel Hayom reported.

  • According to the report, German said in an interview with i24NEWS last week: “I’m not sure that I can represent the new government, so if I can’t represent it, I will resign. I’m waiting, I’ll see what kind of government we have and what we do. Also, there are some laws that will be passed this week, we’ll see, and then I’ll make my decision.”

German previously served as a minister on behalf of the Yesh Atid party and was appointed by the then Foreign Minister Yair Lapid to serve as Israel’s ambassador in Paris.

From the moment an ambassador is appointed to his or her position, even if it is a political appointment, the ambassador is required to comply with all the rules of the Civil Service Regulations that apply to all diplomats representing Israel internationally.

Among other things, they are prohibited from taking political positions, both directly and implicitly, and they are even briefed on this in the Foreign Ministry before leaving for their mission.

Source: Arutz Sheva