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Israeli Ambassador Erdan marks Kfir Bibas’ 1st birthday at UN

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Gilad Erdan marked the first birthday of Kfir Bibas, the youngest hostage kidnapped by Hamas terrorists during the October 7 massacre, during a UN General Assembly discussion on the Israel-Hamas war today (Tuesday).

Kfir was just nine months old when he was kidnapped, together with his parents Shiri and Yarden, and his four-year-old brother Ariel. The entire Bibas family has been held hostage for over three months.

Ambassador Erdan told the General Assembly delegates: “Many of you are here, parents or grandparents. Every milestone in your children’s lives is a celebration. Their first step, their first word, their first smile and laugh. Babies are a source of light and hope – a symbol of life.”

He added that Kfir “has become a symbol of the most despicable cruelty that humanity has known, the cruelty of Hamas.”

  • “A quarter of a Kfir’s life has been spent in captivity. He was kidnapped before he even learned to say the word “mother.” Does he get the food and vitamins he needs to grow and develop? Does he crawl? How can a baby be a target for fighting? What kind of monsters are able to deliberately take a baby captive and treat him as an enemy? Instead of receiving love and warmth, Kfir is surrounded by pure evil.
  • “If you ignore the suffering of our children, the suffering of little baby Kfir, I will stand here today and mark Kfri’s first birthday,” Erdan told the General Assembly. “I will remind you of your moral obligation to fight for Kfir and his right to celebrate his birthday.”

He held up a birthday cake with a picture of little Kfir and said, “Kfir, this birthday cake is for you. You are the reason Israel is fighting day and night. My only wish for you, for your first birthday, is that next year, God willing, you will celebrate your birthday surrounded by the love of your family, and that we will live in a world where the suffering of Israeli babies is important to the UN.”

Erdan asked that Kfri’s cake “remain here as a painful reminder so that every speaker today remembers Kfir and our duty to bring him home.”

Source: Arutz Sheva