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Israeli Army accidentally reveals secret bases in COVID testing site map

An Israeli military unit posted on its website recently a map with the precise locations of most of the country’s bases, including ones about which the army is usually silent.

The Home Front Command of the Israel Defense Forces removed the classified information from the map after Haaretz asked about it.

The map was posted to the National Emergency Portal site as part of the command’s involvement in the state’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The map showed not only COVID-19 testing centers in residential communities across the country, but also, until the additional information was removed, IDF facilities including bases of the Israel Air Force and of Military Intelligence.

The level of detail on the map made it possible not only to identify the location of these military bases, but also their exact boundaries. The names of the bases also appeared on the map.

The IDF normally doesn’t allow the publication of such information, fearing it would be used to gather intelligence or target its bases during a war.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed to Haaretz that this information was published by mistake, and that it was removed from the website.

In a statement, it added the map is from “a civilian website that provides global public services for making maps accessible around the world and in Israel. Marking the IDF camps and bases was not done by the military, but copied from the existing map on the website.”