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Israeli coronavirus vaccine to be available by summer of 2021

The Knesset’s Science and Technology Committee held a hearing Monday morning on efforts in Israel to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

The administrator of the Israel Institute for Biological Research, Prof. Shmuel Shapira, spoke at the hearing, telling lawmakers that Israel’s coronavirus vaccine would likely be ready towards the beginning of the next summer.

“We have the ability to manufacture 15 million doses for the benefit of Israeli citizens. And our ethical and professional obligations are very high.”

While Israel has also ordered millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines developed by foreign companies like Pfizer, the Israeli government has pushed for the parallel development of a domestic vaccine to ensure a secure supply.

“Our vaccine gives us a safe foot on the ground. We have no interest or economic considerations in vaccines, it’s only for the benefit of the people of Israel. The scientific truth will prevail.”

“People will understand that here there is a proper scientific interest, and people will believe in our vaccine. A lot of countries around the world are interested in joining our testing process.”

Source: Hezki Baruch – Arutz Sheva