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Israeli Defense Minister: ‘We’ll hunt every terrorist until our children are safe’

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett: “Over the past 24 hours the Jihad Islamic terrorists shot over 250 rockets and missiles on Israelis.

“On our families. On our children.

“But these terrorists are not only out to kill Israelis.

“In fact, they’re killing their own people in Gaza.

“At the cost of every rocket they shoot, they could have built another Gazan classroom.

“Israeli security forces will hunt down every terrorist, until our children are secure and safe.

“The world must stand together and unite against radical Islamic terror, otherwise the world will feel its wrath.”

Israeli retaliatory strikes in the Gaza Strip killed 12 on Wednesday, the coastal enclave’s health department reported, bringing the total number of dead in the Hamas-ruled territory since fighting broke out early Tuesday morning to 22.

The IDF reported earlier on Wednesday that it was intensifying its operations against terrorists in the Gaza Strip, striking multiple facilities operated by the Islamic Jihad terrorist organization.

Among the targets hit are a rocket factory, weapons storage facilities, and terrorist training areas.

A number of Islamic Jihad terrorists have been reported among the dead, including 38-year-old Khaled Awad Farraj, who was killed Wednesday morning by an IDF airstrike.

Dozens of Israelis were treated for rocket-related injuries, including two cases of shrapnel injuries.

Bennett’s comments came after the IDF reported that some 250 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza since Tuesday morning.

Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system has fired dozens of interceptor missiles to shoot down the incoming rockets, an IDF spokesperson said, with a hit-rate of about 90%. The IDF spokesperson added that some 60% of the rockets fired at Israel landed in open spaces.

Header: DM Naftali Bennett with IDF chief of staff Aviv Kochavi