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Israeli Defense Ministry manufactures 63 more ventilators

The Ministry of Defense is contributing to the national effort to procure and manufacture medical equipment for our health institutions, with an emphasis on ventilators. In accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense to establish local manufacturing capabilities, the Directorate of Production and Procurement (DOPP), and the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), have recruited Israeli companies, Flight Medical and Baya Technologies, as well as defense industry RAFAEL, to expand the production of ventilators.

As a result of this joint effort, 63 ventilators have been manufactured locally, and delivered to the Ministry of Health on Thursday (02/04/2020). In the coming weeks, additional ventilators will be manufactured.

“The State of Israel is developing independent capabilities in its fight against COVID-19”, Defense Minister, Naftali Bennett said,

“This independence is essential to the national effort. We must not remain dependent on procurement from other countries. The Ministry of Defense and the IDF will continue to operate in full force within the national campaign against Corona.”

Flight Medical Ltd. is a member of Ilex Medical Group Ltd., which develops advanced ventilation solutions marketed in Israel and around the world.

Baya Technologies specializes in manufacturing digital products for the defense and medical industries in Israel and abroad. Baya Technologies Inc. is currently expanding its production lines and absorbing dozens of employees to meet the challenging goals set by the State of Israel.

Deputy Director General and Head of the DOPP in IMoD, Avi Dadon:

“We are proud of the full mobilization of Israeli industries for the national mission of manufacturing and supplying ventilators. The cooperation between defense, high-tech and medical industries is a real force multiplier. No less important, is that this effort supports local industry and reduces the need for imports of equipement.”

Director of the DDR&D in IMoD, Brig. Gen. (Res.), Dr. Dani Gold: Our defense industries have unparalleled capabilities- able to manufacture components quickly and in great quantities, whether it’s for weapon systems or ventilators. This eliminates our dependence on imports. We are working to widen the cooperation in this field and to further expand joint production lines for both defense and medical purposes.”

Yoram Khalili and Avi Begun, Managing Directors of Baya Technologies:

“We are committed to the national effort, and are proud to manufacture ‘blue-and-white’ [Israeli products], while increasing our human resources by dozens of employees, particularly in such challenging times. All of this is done in order to face the great challenge before us- to provide a great number of ventilators in a short period of time. We are working together with the defense establishment, to ensure the success of this initiative.”

Lt. Col. R. of the DDR&D: “We are proud to join the medical and defense industries in the national effort [against COVID-19], for the benefit of the citizens of Israel, during these challenging times.”