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Israeli Health Ministry: The epidemic is fading away

The head of the public health services at the Health Ministry, Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, held a media briefing on Tuesday afternoon in which she addressed Israel’s efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

In her opening remarks, she said,

“We are seeing the morbidity decline and we are very encouraged. We are reaching just a little over 300 patients a day, which is a very significant decrease.”

“Most of the State of Israel is in green localities, the vast majority of citizens are in green localities, and there are almost no orange localities and no red localities left. We can open up the economy and provide options for weddings, performances and events and also gradually open education,” she added.

“The important thing to say is that the infection coefficient is still below 0.8 and certainly below 1. We are still in a situation where the epidemic is fading,” Dr. Alroy Preis declared,

She noted, however, “We have a large segment of the population that is not vaccinated, including a large segment of children. We will open the education system carefully and safely so that there is no increase in morbidity among children. We must keep the capsule system and remain careful when we still have hundreds of verified patients each day.”

When asked whether the obligation to wear masks outdoors will soon be abolished, she replied: “Discussions about masks are being held and as soon as we reach a decision we will publish it to the public.”

Addressing the halt in the shipment of Pfizer vaccines to Israel, Dr. Alroy Preis noted:

“All Pfizer shipments that were part of the previous agreement have already arrived. The new agreement has not yet been approved by the government, so the next shipments have not arrived and we are waiting for approval. These shipments are mainly for 2022.”

Source: Arutz Sheva