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Israeli Health Ministry: ‘Vaccine efficiency drops to 64% against Delta variant’

The Health Ministry reported Monday that the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine against the Delta variant is less than its effectiveness against the earlier variants.

“The Health Ministry is constantly monitoring the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines”, the ministry said in a statement,

“From an epidemiological analysis of public health services at the Health Ministry, starting June 6, there is a decrease in the benefit of the vaccine in preventing infection to 64% and in preventing symptomatic infection to 64%. The decline was observed simultaneously with the spread of the Delta variant in Israel.”

The ministry noted that the vaccine remains very effective in preventing serious cases and hospitalizations. “However, the benefit of the vaccine in preventing hospitalizations and severe morbidity in the corona virus is estimated at 93%,” the statement said.

“The Health Ministry calls on anyone who comes in contact with a verified patient, including the vaccinated, to be tested, especially among vaccinated people who experience symptoms.”

Source: Arutz Sheva


Over half (55%) of the new infections are in fully vaccinated people, according to recent data.

Since the country has fully vaccinated about 60% of the population, this suggests the vaccine is not protecting from infection very much at all (less even than the new stated efficacy figure of 64%).

This is particularly so given that most of the infections are likely to be in socially and economically active younger people (like they are in the U.K.) who have lower vaccination rates, so that the vaccinated may even be suffering disproportionately more infections than the unvaccinated (the data is currently unavailable to confirm this).

The Israeli Government is now discussing the need for a third booster shot, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has said people will “likely” need a third dose within 12 months of getting “fully vaccinated”.

The Government may also consider limiting gathering sizes and reintroducing the controversial “Green Pass” vaccine apartheid system.

However, if a highly vaccinated country like Israel cannot return to normal without constant threat of new restrictions you have to wonder if anyone can.

At some point leaders will need to accept that they have done all they can to guard the vulnerable against serious illness and death and remember that there is more to life than avoiding COVID-19.

Source: Will Jones – LOCKDOWN SCEPTICS