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Israeli Health Ministry: ‘We must return to ‘green pass’ system’

Following what the government is calling an alarming rise in the number of new diagnoses of coronavirus, officials within the Health Ministry have told the Maariv newspaper Friday morning that there is “no choice” but to return to the “green pass” system in use until recently.

“We tried to make it easier for business owners, so that they wouldn’t have to recruit additional staff to check up on people, but in the end it had the effect of making people think that coronavirus was over,” one official said.

A number of recent outbreaks of the Delta or Indian variant of the SARS-COVID-2 virus have led to an increase int he number of active “cases” of the virus, though the number of seriously ill patients has thus far remained stable.

On Friday, the number of seriously ill patients declined, falling from 28 to 26, after rising from 27 Wednesday.

Source: Arutz Sheva