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Israeli High Court: Shabak can’t track patients’ phones without legislation

In a blow to the government, the High Court of Justice ordered the state to pass legislation if it wants to continue Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) surveillance of Israelis infected with the novel coronavirus.

In their decision, the justices ordered Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to pass legislation that will regulate the use of the tracking tools, a move that has been met with criticism since it was implemented shortly after the health crisis began in Israel nearly two months ago.

The justices said that the current legal basis was inadequate and that if a law was not passed in the Knesset, they would be forced to end the program.

Earlier in the evening, Israelis were again left confused after the government zigzagged on a decision concerning restrictions on sport activities.

At first, the government approved lifting the restriction and informed the Health Ministry, which then panicked that too many people may venture outside during the Independence Day holiday. As a result, the ministry asked the government to revoke its decision which it did.

The final verdict according to a statement by the Prime Minister’s Office: The 500-meter restriction will be lifted as of April 30 at 8 a.m.

Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev said that she welcomed the Health Ministry’s adoption of her recommendation to lift the restriction. She said that her ministry was preparing to “expand sporting activities immediately after Independence Day” and that it was also considering opening workout centers and swimming pools.

Source: JPost