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Israeli media: Russian and US submarines clash in Alaska. The mystery of the ultra-secret Russian “Losharik” submarine disaster.

Russia and the US are holding urgent consultations due to an encounter between their submarines, according to a report by the Israeli military news portal DEBKAfile.

Citing anonymous military sources, the site reports that the incident took place in American territorial waters near Alaska, ”when a US submarine intercepted a Russian nuclear submarine”.

The Russian submarine that was escorting the strategic submarine reportedly responded with a torpedo, which breached the American submarine’s hull.

The White House and the Kremlin began consultations on Tuesday night, DEBKAfile writes.

Conspiracies surround abrupt changes to US Vice President Mike Pence’s schedule, as he unexpectedly called off his trip to New Hampshire after being recalled to Washington for a conference called by President Donald Trump without explanation.

Pence received an “urgent call” which necessitated his return to Washington, the vice president’s spokesperson Randy Gentry told the press.

“Something came up that required the VP to remain in Washington. It’s no cause for alarm,” wrote his press secretary, Alyssa Farah, later on Twitter.

According to Ms. Farah, Pence did not leave Washington, and the reason for the cancellation could be publicized within a few weeks.

Russian President Vladimir Putin cancelled an engagement and headed for the Kremlin to confer with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and military chiefs, after learning that 14 submariners died in a fire that broke out on a nuclear-powered “experimental submarine in Russian waters.”

Russia will not officially publish any information about the submersible on which the tragedy took place, said Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. “It is classified as absolutely top-secret information,” he noted.

Regarding the crew, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu disclosed only that they were “unique military specialists, highly qualified professionals, performing important research on the Earth’s hydrosphere.

The stricken submarine is made of interlinked titanium balls.

President Vladimir Putin disclosed for the first time on Thursday that a top-secret nuclear powered Russian military submarine was hit by a fatal fire on Monday. It was also confirmed to have been nuclear-powered when Putin asked Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to assure him that its nuclear reactor had been contained. Shoigu replied that the reactor was completely isolated and unmanned and remained in complete working order. The fire had erupted in the submarine’s battery compartment, the minister said.

What did Washington have to do with the Russian submarine disaster? The two powers are evidently colluding to cover up what happened.

Source: DEBKAfile