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Israeli troops arrest terrorist who committed Jerusalem car-ramming — IDF

After day-long manhunt following attack that injured 12 soldiers, suspect nabbed at Gush Etzion Junction in central West Bank, taken for questioning.

The suspect in the Jerusalem car-ramming attacking who has been arrested is a resident of East Jerusalem without previous security-related offenses, the Shin Bet security agency says.

The 25-year-old man lives in the A-Tur neighborhood, it adds.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gives a statement to the media at a military checkpoint in the south of Jerusalem, directly addressing Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas after three attacks on Israelis today.

“Abu Mazen,” he says, using Abbas’s nomme de guerre, “we will do everything needed to protect ourselves, determine our borders and ensure our future. We will do that with or without you.”

“It won’t help you — not the stabbings, nor the car-rammings, the shootings or the incitement,” Netanyahu adds.