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Israeli woman ‘rescued’ from Syria runs away from welfare program – report

An Israeli woman who crossed into Syria earlier this year and was returned in a Russia-brokered swap has fled the Welfare Ministry-run program where she was being treated, according to a Monday television report.

The program notified the state prosecution that she left without notice, and police are said to be conducting searches for her as she is currently facing trial, the Kan public broadcaster reported.

In February the woman’s crossing into Syria became a major international incident.

She was returned to Israel via Russia after over a week of diplomatic wrangling, but at a steep cost that included the release of Syrian captives in Israel, and reportedly involved Israel buying vaccines for Syria.

She was indicted for her actions on charges including illegally exiting the country.

The woman, whose identity is barred from publication, is reported to be a 25-year-old from Modiin Illit who left the ultra-Orthodox community and speaks Arabic.

After the woman was returned, she reportedly told Israeli investigators that she had been “seeking adventure.” According to Channel 12, she did not apologize or express regret for the trip.

Investigators determined that she did not cooperate with any enemy entities while in Syria.

Her Facebook page shows her traveling often inside Israel, including in several Arab areas, and in the West Bank.

In one post, she wrote, “I don’t recognize your lines, either green or blue or purple, and not even a red line will stop me.”

The prosecution said that the Syria incident was not her first time illegally crossing Israel’s borders. She went into Palestinian Authority areas several times, knowing it was not allowed.

In November, she attempted to get into Gaza but was stopped at the fence near Kibbutz Nahal Oz.

She then decided to try to cross into Gaza by sea, and four days later, in the evening, went into the water at Zikim Beach on a surfboard. She was apprehended at sea by the IDF and turned back.

In January, she illegally bicycled across the Jordanian border near Eilat, where she met Jordanian soldiers, had coffee with them and spent several hours with them. She was questioned in Aqaba by Jordanian intelligence, then returned to Israel.

In October 2020, she took a Jeep to the Lebanon border and spoke with people on the other side of the security fence. She was spotted by the Hezbollah terror group and had her picture published in local media.

Her defense has argued that she has not harmed Israeli security and had no intention of doing so.

It was unclear when her trial is expected to take place.

Source: TOI