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Israelis banned from travel to UK, Turkey, Georgia, Cyprus

Israelis are now banned from visiting the UK, Georgia, Cyprus and Turkey, the coronavirus cabinet rules.

The four countries will join a growing list of places that Israelis may not fly to; if caught doing so they face a significant fine upon return.

The decision will take effect next Friday.

Turkey and Cyprus are two of the most popular vacation destinations for Israelis.

Israelis are already banned from traveling to Russia, Mexico, South Africa, India, Argentina, Brazil, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Spain and Kyrgyzstan due to high COVID morbidity in those destinations.

Source: TOI

According to the latest Health Ministry figures from Thursday morning, the number of COVID-19 patients in serious condition is now at 72, nine up from Wednesday’s figure.

There are also more patients on life support, going from 12 on Wednesday to 15.

A total of 145 Israeli COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized.

Israel confirmed 1,336 new “cases” on Wednesday, with the rate of positive tests largely unchanged, at 1.74 percent.

Of the confirmed carriers, 52 percent are fully vaccinated, and 38 percent are 18 or younger.