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Israel’s ‘colonisation activities’ are not self-defence: Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s Alain Germeaux has made the following remarks at the ICJ:

  • The right to self-determination is a fundamental human right.
  • Settlements greatly undermine the rights of the Palestinian people to a viable Palestinian state, “whose prospects recede with the continuing infringement of the integrity of the Palestinian territory.”
  • The rules of occupation require that occupation is temporary and that no permanent changes are made changes to the occupied territory.
  • This has not been the case, and the principle of the protection of people is also not being respected.
  • Israel transferred part of its population to the occupied territories, which is unlawful according to the Fourth Geneva Convention. It continues to unlawfully destroy Palestinian property and subject Palestinians to violence.
  • Illegal settlements are a major impediment to the achievement of a two-state solution and a “just and lasting and comprehensive peace”.
    Israel’s “activities of colonisation cannot be justified under self-defence.” Settlement activities are not proportionate or necessary measures.

Source: Al Jazeera