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Israel’s extraordinary, banal normality

“We will know we have become a normal country when Jewish thieves and Jewish prostitutes conduct their business in Hebrew”, David Ben Gurion once said.

Without accepting that dubious criterion, it is the extraordinary normality of Israel, not only famous in the world for Jihad, terror and siege, but also from the traffic on the Ayalon highway and its effervescent and very “Italian” democracy.

Call it the ultimate Zionist revolution. And it is spectacular.

Kan Corporation [Israeli Public Broadcating Corporation] legal commentator Moti Gilat argued two days ago that a large part of the Likud’s votes comes from criminals and their supporters.

“There are hundreds of thousands of criminals in the State of Israel with court convictions, and those without convictions but who have committed various grave acts, and they have family members and friends, some of them, not all of them, and there are many criminals who committed a crime once and not people who wake up in the morning to a culture of crime, but there’s a large group sitting in Netanyahu’s pocket,” Gilat claimed during a broadcast on Kan 11.

Likud Communications Minister Dudi Amsalem attacked Gilat and called to close the Kan Corporation. “Mr. Gilat, whoever continues to employ you is a delinquent. This is not new, Leftists don’t know how to lose with respect,” Amsalem said.

“Because of shallow people like you, Kan Corporation should be closed as soon as possible. Please note that your wages are also paid from the pockets of those ‘criminals’,” the minister added.